Landscape Maintenance

Switzer's provides a number of landscape maintenance services.

Mowing, trimming and weeding

Mowing is generally done weekly to maintain an even height of between 2 ½" and 3". Grass is trimmed around obstacles, and any decked or paved areas are air-swept. All Switzer’s equipment is regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance and safety.

Plant bed maintenance and shrub pruning

Perennial beds are pruned and trimmed when applicable, and flowering plants are deadheaded to encourage further blooming.

Pruning is done in a manner that will encourage healthy natural growth patterns. Call us regarding pruning above a height of 12 feet, as it will most likely be done under a separate estimate agreement.


An excellent consideration! Aeration is usually performed once a year in the fall. This greatly assists with compacted soil and will also aid in water penetration, allowing much stronger root growth to occur.

Spring Cleanups

As early as weather permits, we will remove leaves, litter, weeds and debris from a specified area. If requested, trees and shrubs can be inspected for deadwood and signs of disease, insects or stress and recommendations for action will be made.

Fall Clean-ups

Turf areas are air swept of leaves and debris. The leaves are then removed from the premises and composted in an environmentally friendly manner. A power vacuum is then used to manicure and provide the finishing touch.


Information coming soon.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Turf will be fertilized and / or treated a pre-determined number of times per year (usually 5). This includes an early spring pre-emergent crabgrass spray, a late spring fertilizer application treatment, summer broadleaf weed control, a late summer fertilizer, and a fall fertilizer to promote strong root growth.

Mulching and Re-Mulching

Top dressing of existing mulched areas is recommended every other year. This top dressing will bring the mulch to the desirable depth of 4 inches which will not only help to enrich your soil, but will also protect your plants and shrubs through the heat of summer, and the cold of the winter months. Not to mention that it looks GREAT!