Paver Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the pavers on my driveway break under heavy traffic such as a garbage truck or a moving van?

    The driveway pavers are very strong, twice as strong as ordinary concrete. Therefore, they can take any type of loading as long as the base is properly installed.
  2. Does the color fade?

    Generally the color will lighten with time. This is caused by surface wear and natural pollutants.
  3. Will weeds grow through the joints of the pavers?

    We have found that occasionally there is some growth that happens in the joints of the pavers, generally through blowing seed (weeds do not actually grow up from underneath the pavers). Any type of systemic weed killer can be applied without damaging the pavers. Many weeds can be easily pulled by hand.
  4. Can we put de-icing salt on the pavers?

    Yes. De-icing salts will not damage the pavers, the absorption rate is so low that the de-icing salts will not penetrate the pavers. (Salt penetrating concrete is what causes it to spall.) Though excessive de-icing salt can stain the pavers, these stains will wear off with time.
  5. What is the white blush that occasionally appears on a paver?

    The white on top of any concrete product is generally referred to as efflorescence. Efflorescence is free lime generated by both the cement and the aggregates within the product. This will vary with different manufacturers. Generally, during the first few months of production these calcium deposits work through the products from the inside to the top surface of the pavers. In time, through the natural weathering process, this deposit wears off.
  6. We like the pavers when they are wet. Is there a way to keep them looking that way?

    Sealers will give your pavers a wet look. Sealers are not needed for the protection of the pavers, only for giving them that "wet look". Sealers should only be applied after the paver installation has weathered one winter, this is to ensure that all of the efflorescence has worn off. Sealants have a 2 to 4 year life span. Call us in the spring for details.